Articles by Michaela Young

Looking Back: A Bad Episode

For the majority of the time it is almost impossible to make any sense out of bipolar mood swings. More often than not it has next to nothing to do with circumstances, other than the sadness and ‘depression’ that ‘normal’ people experience when things go wrong. If this cycle was all to do with circumstances then I would have the power to turn it around, but I have no clue what happened to my mind last week when- at the start- I had to be wrestled of the top of a bridge by my confused and desperate boyfriend.

A Mixed Episode

“I fear constantly that I will shoot myself in the head eventually like most people do if they want to kill themselves and are hearing voices- because it would be like you are finally shutting…


I suppose some history of my conditions is in order before I come to describing the present. I am in a way writing to myself as much of you in that I often forget or…